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Supported Devices

EXTRA is on the cutting edge of mobile technology and is extremely versatile. It is compatible with most web-enabled smartphones and tablets. Devices that have a touch screen are capable of signature capture. For compatibility with EXTRA, Android devices require Android OS 4.0 or greater and any iPhone or iPad requires iOS 8.0 or greater. When choosing a data plan through your preferred carrier, we recommend an average of 1 GB per month per device.

Please note that an in-car charger is highly recommended.

If selecting 4G devices, please verify with your carrier representative that the devices will be able to utilize 3G services in the event 4G services becomes unavailable. Please note that EXTRA is not compatible with Alcatel or ZTE devices.

Choose your preferred carrier to see supported devices:

Disclaimer: The phones listed as compatible with EXTRA have the correct Operating System and the appropriate features such as GPS for use with EXTRA, but have not been tested live by EXTRA staff. If you or your phone carrier representative have questions, please feel free to call our support line at 1-888-484-8729 option 3.