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Across the country, Canada, Mexico, and now revving up in Europe, users at every level are benefiting from using EXTRA. From advanced dispatch management to scheduled high level profitability reporting, EXTRA will make your job easier.

As an owner or CEO, you are aware that transportation costs have a major impact on the success of your operation. Extracting maximum profits out of every pickup or delivery is critically important.

With EXTRA, you ensure that your logistics department creates the most cost-effective routes, while providing the flexibility to adjust service levels, meet time windows, and make last minute adjustments to the plan as needed. Once these routes are executed, you are able to review Business Intelligence -- actual data versus planned -- giving you the opportunity to consistently measure success.

After implementing our solution, our customers are seeing a return on investment of over 30%.

Additionally, you will notice a significant reduction in:

  • Mileage and fuel costs
  • Driver overtime and turnover
  • Employee routing time

You will notice improvements in:

  • Customer service and driver communication
  • Productivity and operational efficiency
  • Profit margin

If you are ready to take your transportation operation to the next level, please contact us for more information.

Operations Directors, Transportation Managers, Logistics Managers... Regardless of your official title, you’re responsible for the smooth and efficient running of your department.

With the pressure to reduce expenses and drive business growth, maintaining the bottom line while managing all the daily challenges that arise can be difficult, especially if you have slim resources.

How Can EXTRA Help?

EXTRA is an affordable, lightweight, yet robust tool that provides optimized routes and real-time tracking, creating a traffic control center for your dispatcher to manage all your mobile resources and products.

You can save time and energy by reducing routing time, leaving you and your staff free to tackle other elements of the day as well as build upon your overall logistics’ strategy.

With this information you can quickly find areas in need of improvement and reduce extra costs while improving customer service. If you are ready to take your transportation operation to the next level, please contact us for more information.

EXTRA can easily and seamlessly integrate with point of service systems.

As a Dispatcher, your daily activities involve juggling multiple deliveries both planned and unplanned. The pressure is on, not only to get all of the orders routed, loaded, and distributed on-time, but to manage last minute changes to the route. Planning efficient deliveries while balancing customer service is key, and being able to proactively handle service issues can make all the difference.

How Can EXTRA Help?

EXTRA helps save valuable time and money. Our easy-to-use software provides routing, dispatching, managing and tracking tools to make dispatching more efficient.

Our software will give you the flexibility to create optimal routes, while balancing customer service needs and time window commitments.

Additionally, we provide GPS and wireless communication between drivers and dispatch, giving you the advantage of having up-to-the-minute delivery status.

With EXTRA, you will be able to:

As an IT Professional for your organization, you are responsible for managing and recommending strategies and solutions for your company’s IT infrastructure. Management relies on your expertise when considering technology purchases and how to implement them successfully.

Frequently Asked Questions We Hear:

At EXTRA, we provide training and support from beginning to end and beyond. We have a list of recommended hardware and supported phones, and are with you every step of the way -- from integration to backend support -- we’ll be there for you.

We also partner with a network of other providers that have been carefully screened to ensure their services and support are up to par with our high expectations. From electronic signature capture to bar code scanning, our partners can provide the full range of services for you to accomplish all your logistical needs.

Whether you are delivering a product or a service, you are on the front lines, meeting the expectations of the customer. You want a tool that is easy-to-use, dependable and provides the client with an ETA of when to expect you.

EXTRA is extremely easy to use -- no more shuffling paper routes and invoices -- EXTRA dispatches your orders to your cell phone and updates your dispatcher every 5 seconds of your whereabouts in the event there is an extra order or service to add onto your schedule.

With a simple click on the touch screen, you’re able to tell the dispatcher that you arrived and departed your destination.

EXTRA is also road safe and sends alert texts when something on your route changes. No more constant and confusing phone calls -- your route is automatically updated by the dispatcher and announced to you.

Benefits to You?