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With the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Association (FMCSA) cracking down on commercial vehicle safety and compliance, organizations like yours are now tasked with improving their CSA scores. Further, driver safety is tied directly to CSA scores, making compliance a two-fold benefit.

Incorporating Daily Vehicle Inspection Reports (DVIR) into your EXTRA dispatching operations empowers your drivers to complete pre- and post-trip vehicle inspections right on their mobile devices, and will allow you to avoid dispatching manifests to drivers whose vehicle has either not been inspected or failed inspection for any reason.

By meeting or exceeding governmental goals for compliance, you’ll ensure the safety of your drivers and equipment, and avoid any potential fines or liability for having either non-inspected or DVIR-failed vehicles out on the road.


  • Configurable per vehicle type and company policy
  • Customizable inspection with checklist and ability to submit photos
  • Pre-trip, post-trip, repair, and failed inspection functionality
  • Complete inspection on any Android mobile device
  • Real-time reports and DVIR statuses to dispatcher
  • Comprehensive reporting on driver safety and compliance

Use DVIR to complement EXTRA’s robust dispatch management platform to fully harness the power of efficiency.


Full DVIR Historical Reporting

Whether a checklist, a photo, or a comment, it's simple to make sure your drivers are safe and compliant. To eliminate inaccuracies and for accountability, every checklist is recorded, tracked, and reported on.


Custom DVIR Flexibility

Completely configurable per regulations and company policy, DVIR inspections and checklisting are designed to accomodate any user, in any industry.


Quick DVIR Inspection Reporting

In the DVIR app, the driver enters vehicle, vehicle type, is able to see previous DVIR reports, and can view FMCSA rules and regulations. The daily checklist is easy to run through on the touchscreen device.


Compliance is Mandatory

Once logged in, your driver is prompted to walk through the quick DVIR inspection process. Note the driver won't be able to depart on a route until his or her DVIR status is satisfactory.


Driver Eligibility

EXTRA can be configured to check a driver's "Hours of Service Eligibility" status upon login. That status can then determine the driver's next steps - jumping into DVIR or checking for a route.